[Developer Essentials] Enable Windows Sandbox | Easiest Tutorial

1 min tutorial for one of the most important Windows features, Windows Sandbox. Using Windows 10 Home, 7th Gen i5 Intel CPU, and ASUS motherboard.

* Use Landscape Orientation in Mobile *

Get Started!

#1 - Search "Windows Features" in Windows Search

Or press "Windows" key + "S" key

#2 - Scroll down and look for "Windows Sandbox"

  • Try to check it
  • If the box cannot be checked, hover it and see whats the massage it said
  • Commonly, if it said "Virtualization support is disabled in the firmware in Windows..." please keep follow this tutorial.
  • #3 - The solution needs to solve in BIOS, so you need to restart the computer. And press F2 / F12 key when booting.

    Depends what motherboard you have, different key need to press. It will have some hints during BIOS boot.

    #4 - After entering the BIOS, go to Advanced Mode

    In Advanced Mode, look for "CPU Configuration".

    Enable the "Intel Virtualization Technology".

    Then, back and look for "System Agent (SA) Configuration).

    Enable the "VT-d".

    Exit & Save.

    #5 - After Open Computer, Open "Windows Features" again

    Now can check it. Then press "OK".

    Restart it now.

    #6 - Done!


    #1 - Can Old Computer Do This?

    I am tested in 7th Gen i5 Intel CPU, and ASUS motherbaord, with Windows 10 Home. It should be OK if your CPU is support it and have a Windows 10.


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