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Game Programmer

Virtual Production Developer

ArchVis VR Developer

What we offer

The craftsman that Makes Unique.


Work with content creators to unlock their potential with workflows that ensure gameplay authoring is smooth and easy to extend and maintain.


Design, develop and support multiplayer game software using high quality C++ with Unreal engine or C# with Unity.

Performance Optimization

Monitor, measure, and improve game stability, performance and developer iteration time.

Automation Tools

Proactively identify and solve problems that affect the quality of life for players, operations and other developers.

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Doing more than expected.

Virtual Teaching
Educational App
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Architecture Visualisation
Interactive Desktop / VR App
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Because your satisfaction is everything.


Be an advocate for players and developers: Insist on the highest standards and drive to operational excellence.


Be an advocate for players and developers: Insist on the highest standards, drive to operational excellence, help create functional and engaging customer-centric features.

Awarded & Certified

Seed fund grantee in 2020. Received IT related award in 2021. Passed some skill test on LinkedIn with C++ & C#.